We're Blue Point, a five piece Bluegrass Band from beautiful Missoula, MT. We specialize in traditional Bluegrass and Old TIme music, as well as Folk and Americana with a modern twist. Our performances are wildly energetic and heartfelt and just might make you leave your seat to dance, or hold the ones you care about a little tighter. Our repertoire includes everything from classic songs, that everyone can sing to, and originals that stem from those deep places within the human condition that we all know and feel. Give us a listen and catch a live show if you can! We appreciate you!

Live Recordings

Upcoming Shows:

3/8 - Freestone Climbing Gym, Missoula, MT

3/14 - Bitterroot Brewpub, Hamilton, MT

4/6 - Rustic Hut, Florence, MT

4/16 - Trust Land Farm Fundraiser, Western Cider, Missoula, MT

4/25 - IWFF closing party, Missoula, MT

5/3 - Private Party

5/4 - River City Brew Fest, Caras Park, Missoula, MT

6/13 - Downtown Tonight, Caras Park, Missoula, MT

6/30 - Paws Up, Potomac, MT

7/19 - Cranky Sams Brew Pub, Missoula, MT

8/29 - Paws Up, Potomac, MT